Telemedicine has brought revolutionary changes to the ways healthcare industry works today. Technology aided patient counselling and monitoring has helped patients in remote areas to get benefits of world class healthcare. With more and more focus on providing better patient care, organizations are leaving no stones unturned to bring the best from the technical world to support healthcare practitioners and patients.

One of the leading organizations in the field of telemedicine is AMC Health. Based out of New York, AMC Health is a complete telemedicine solution that connects patients, physicians, family and caregivers in a meaningful manner. Backed with valuable learning and insight from over 9 million patient days over the last 15 years, AMC Healthcare provides a tracking software that connects to almost any Bluetooth device and helps in monitoring patient’s health remotely. The platform enables transmission of biometric data from the various medical devices at patient’s end like thermometers, glucose meters, digital stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors to the physician or caretaker.

The platform is hugely beneficial to patients in rural areas, with chronic illness and with limited mobility.

The system design is such that patients can use it with ease and physicians keep track of their health. As an example, the physician and caregiver get an alert when a patient’s readings exceed a given threshold.

Physicians can also do a real-time video chat with the patient. Video chat helps physicians to understand patient’s condition well in time, without the need to visit them. It also results in fewer queues at a physician’s practice and a better quality of life for the patients. The video chat feature works well on mobile devices, making it easier to speak to patients on the go.

There are times when the physician is not available. For such situations, AMC Health has its support staff that includes licensed nurses and other experts.

How does AMC Healthcare help improve quality of life for patients with chronic illness?

AMC Healthcare’s platform increases independence, confidence, and self-reliance while improving adherence and compliance. Main benefits are early identification of health issues, providing right intervention at the right time and making care available in the comfort of patient’s home. All this eventually helps to reduce adverse events as well as takes pressure off family and caregivers.

AMC Healthcare helps physicians with their practice management in many ways.

1. It helps in identification and prioritization of patients follow-ups.

2. Provides a comprehensive view of patient’s health status and helps to administer right intervention at the right time.

3. Helps educate, guide, and motivate patients toward healthy behaviors.

4. Helps drives better patient outcomes and reduction in unnecessary healthcare costs.

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