Stroke is a major cause of serious disability for adults in the United States. Stroke is also called a brain attack. A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is blocked or a blood vessel bursts inside the brain. Both circumstances lead to a part of the brain becoming dead Wind can cause lasting damage, prolonged disability, and even death.


There are three types of strokes


Ischemic stroke: over 80% of strokes are Ischemic strokes. It occurs when the blood flowing through the artery supplying oxygen to the brain gets blocked.


Hemorrhagic stroke: hemorrhagic stroke happens when an artery leaks inside the brain. High blood pressure can cause hemorrhagic stroke.


Transient Ischemic stroke: in this type of stroke, blood flow to the brain stops for a small period of time, usually less than 5 minutes. This is also called as Mini-stroke. Someone who has suffered from TIA is at risk of stroke.


There is no specific age for stroke to happen. One is at risk of stroke if one has from a previous stroke or TIA. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and Sickle Cell disease are amongst a few medical conditions that increase the risk of stroke.


If you are leading a Lifestyle with an unhealthy diet, reduced physical activity, obesity or consume alcohol or tobacco in higher than moderate amounts, you are at risk of stroke.


Genetic factors also play a role and several genetic factors can cause a stroke.


Stroke can be prevented by taking a healthy diet, keeping a check on your weight avoiding smoking, taking alcohol in moderate amounts and being physically active.


For people with medical conditions needs to be a check on cholesterol levels and blood pressure. If you have a medical condition like coronary artery disease, don’t keep it unattended for long. People with diabetes should get their blood sugar levels checked regularly. If you take medicine for any of the conditions discussed above, make sure to take the medicine regularly without any gaps or unless your medical practitioner asks you to stop taking it.