All healthcare workers are overwhelmed by the catastrophic situation created due to COVID-19. On one hand where doctors are busy dealing with huge number of cases, hospitals are occupied like never before and all elective surgical procedures as well as elective care are postponed as per directives from various state authorities.

Adoption of stringent social distancing measures and fears of getting infected have resulted in a large number of cancellations and no shows.

This is resulting in unprecedented losses for physician practices, and has put a question mark over practice viability.

Telehealth happens to be a great way to deal with the situation and gives a ray of hope to practices. It takes care of social distancing and is safe for both doctor and the patient. Though it cannot be a substitute for elective procedures, but a lot could be done over a telehealth platform in pre and post procedural care.

For a long time to come, practices will have to follow social distancing and offer sterile environment to their patients.  Infection prevention and treatment will become the top most priority of any practice.

Apart from treating patents, practices will have to take adequate measures for healthcare professionals like using PPE kits or using face shields for prevention of infection.  

If COVID-19 has had an impact on your career as a healthcare professional, we urge you to participate in our virtual sessions on “Resuming Clinical Services Post COVID -19”.

The agenda:

1)Transitioning to a new normal

2) Waitingroom safety

3) Clincial Staff Safety

4) Patient Safety

5) Leveraging technology for Successfull Growth!

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