In today’s world patient wants convenience and reliable source of information, for which they turn to social media. They want things to be easy and quick even when they are looking for a doctor or a dentist. People modify their health based decision based on what information they get from the internet. Patients between the ages of 18 and 24 are twice as likely to have online discussions regarding health issues. These are a few reasons for which doctors need to incorporate Twitter into your practice’s marketing plan.

Twitter is a social media outlet and micro-blogging platform that allows users to create and share 140-character messages. Due to the character limit, Twitter is fast-paced and focused. When used correctly, it can give you access to a vast market of people. With over 310 million monthly active users and over 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter plays an integral part in daily life and in most businesses’ marketing strategies.

In today’s digital world, patients use the Internet to find medical care more than ever. Patients look for doctors and dentists, search for reviews, and ask friends and family for advice on social media before they decide which provider to see. If you don’t think social media is that important, consider this: 67% of Twitter users are more likely to use a product or service that they follow and 41% of patients looking for a doctor is likely to be influenced by social media.

Here are some simple guidelines to use Twitter marketing for your medical practice in order to organically gain more Twitter followers and patients:

While there are many factors that contribute to these numbers, a concept consistently validated in research is that your page’s followers increase as you begin to follow more people. Twitter users are more likely to follow you if you follow them. Keeping this in mind follow patients and local community members that follow you, people and organizations that are relevant to your practice like Health organizations, Popular news sources, Frequently visited health information sources, Local community partners like lab testing facilities or pharmacies.

Share your own quick tips, links to your blog posts, news about your industry and more original content that you’ve created based on your expertise. The other content you’re sharing on Twitter should be the relevant content from others in your industry, friends, partners, and followers.

Tweeting a healthy balance of your content and the content of others is the best approach to Twitter because no one wants to hear you talk only about yourself in real life and the same goes for your conduct on Twitter.

If you create a regular twitter account and keep ignoring it then it is of no use until and unless you are a celebrity. You have to keep posting regularly on Twitter, in starting you can post 1-3 post a day but keep the posts relevant to your line of medicine or any trending activity related to medicine.

Find and share new articles or blog posts from others, this will help you keep your twitter account in the eyes of your followers.

Twitter followers cannot convert into patients if they do not know where to go; be sure to include your website’s URL as part of your Twitter bio. Including your city or most relevant geographical area, such as a neighborhood or county, helps potential patients decide if your office location is within reach prior to scheduling an appointment. Make your practice appear more human by adding a clear, bright, high-resolution image of the practitioner(s) of your medical practice attracts more followers; people connect with faces far more than they do with logos. Your practice can appear in Twitter search results for the things you specialize in if you include relevant hashtags.

Your practice likely already has access to a long list of patient email addresses and physically comes into contact with potential Twitter followers each time a patient walks through your office doors. Take advantage of these encounters and market your Twitter profile digitally, on printed material and in-person. Encourage your office staff to participate in this initiative. When your practice can join together with this common goal you can make the greatest impact on your follower number.