It is true that change is the watchword of progression. Technological change shapes up our lifestyle every year. Innovation is key to our existence and it upgrades our health. Have a look at some of the crucial changes that have altered the path of the medicine. These are the trending advances in today’s era that have hugely impacted the way hospitals function.

1. Consumerism is on the rise

Today, patients are active consumers who are demanding the best of services. They are keen to find the most suitable service for their healthcare. This trend has accelerated customer service in the healthcare industry. This also has given due importance to Public Relations and Digital Marketing for the healthcare brands. Portal technology is enabling consumers to be closely involved and be better educated about their care. It allows physicians and patients to access medical records interact online.

2. Internet of Things

This is the internetworking of smart devices embedded with actuators, sensors, software, electronics and network connectivity that enables them to collect and exchange data. Today, hospitals use this for an effective functioning. Be it tracking patients with the use of real time location services or monitoring the environment for temperature checking, this advancement is helping doctors work efficiently.

3. Advanced Immunotherapies to treat Cancer

This is genetically engineering a patient’s own T cells to identify and destroy cancer cells. This therapy also has the advantage of avoiding any long term side effects associated with current treatments. It uses two different technologies to treat cancer cells and activates T cells, CARs and TCRs.

4. Self-service kiosks

Similar to portal technology, self-service kiosks can help expedite processes like hospital registration. Patients can increasingly do everything related to registration without having to talk to anyone. Automated kiosks can assist patients with paying co-pays, checking identification, signing paperwork and other registration requirements. There are also tablet variations that allow the same technology to be used in outpatient and bedside settings.

5. QardioCore

A chest strap to monitor your hearth, this wearable uses sensors to record clinically accurate continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and activity data which is shared with medical professionals or synced with the free Qardio app or iPhone or iPad or Apple’s Health App. QardioCore promises a discreet as well as easily usable hearth monitor without patches and wires.

Technological advancements decide our future, always. The healthcare industry is always changing and growing at the speed of light. We hope that you enjoyed this good read on technological innovation in the healthcare industry.