Today’s healthcare space is categorized by the high impact of technology. Technology may have been an option till yesterday but is a necessity today. As with everything else, technology also has its positives and negatives.

Where on one hand, it simplifies work processes and assists in mundane tasks; it also takes away a physician’s time in learning and adaption. This leaves physicians with lesser time for patients.

This is one reason why physicians remain reluctant to use new technology. Another reason is the cost factor. Implementation and maintenance of technology are cost intensive and eats into the profits of a medical practice.

Open EMR is a complete EHR solution for small and medium private practices. The implementation costs are lower than almost any other EMR and so is the cost of maintenance.

AttendingDR provides Open EMR implementation and maintenance service for its members on HIPAA secure servers.

The advantages are that physicians can access OpenEMR system from anywhere and do not have to worry about buying and maintaining additional computer hardware at their end.

Being a HIPAA secure solution, patient data is always secure and easily accessible from anywhere.

OpenEMR provides flexible workflow allowing different types of users to use the EMR with their own logins.

OpenEMR is a robust solution that integrates well with your medical billing software as well as the e-prescription system.

Many physicians are switching to and adapting OpenEMR and reaping the benefits of time and cost.
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