Content and its popularity on social media forms the core of online marketing industry. For healthcare, it means attracting more patients. Healthcare practitioners do this by connecting and engaging with patients in various ways. However, the relationship with patients being a sensitive one, they need to be careful in their approach. Let us see how social media is likely to unfold in 2018 for the healthcare industry.

There are so many social media platforms and each one has its own way of engagements. The best two platforms for healthcare industry are Facebook and Instagram. Though LinkedIn is also a great one and helps builds relationships but Facebook and Instagram are best suited for patient engagement.

In this post, we will talk specifically about Facebook.

New feeds

Starting 2018, Facebook news feeds are now aimed at “meaningful social interactions”. This means that moderate to serious health related information will now have the potential to reach a wide spectrum of users. Subtly branding this information can help you build great reputation on Facebook.

Create helpful content

You need to create some good content on your specialty and schedule it for publishing on Facebook. Many people like to check their Facebook wall early in the morning. So, very early morning can be a great time to publish your post as it will be visible to your target audience. Doing it early morning makes more sense as they would tend to retain this information with a fresh mind.

Videos engage better than text and pictures

If you have been using Facebook regularly, you could not have missed the video feed feature. This feature pops up the video in a screen overlay and a new video follows the one you have just watched. Both videos are of same genre or could be based on your viewing preferences that Facebook has gathered over the years. If you have yourself seen these videos, you already know how effective they can be to convey your message.

Some videos are professional and created by agencies while others are done using a webcam and computer microphone. Both are quite effective in getting your message across.

Use Appropriate tags

Never forget to tag your posts with keywords related to what you are writing about. A tagged post has a higher probability of getting featured in news feeds. News feeds are generated based on what users read or like. So, someone with a heart ailment will read and share related posts more often than healthier people. Facebook’s intelligent software keeps a track of the viewing habits and serves news feeds accordingly.

Build Audience

The effectiveness of your Facebook presence is directly proportional to your page likes. Higher page likes lend you credibility and helps gain more followers. Your post visibility is also largely dependent on the number of likes your page has. Pages with higher number of likes will have higher engagement than pages with lesser likes.

Paid Promotions

You can also promote your page and posts by running a paid campaign. Facebook promotions can be targeted for your local geography, with specific age groups and interests. Doing the campaign right can earn you higher number of likes and genuine audience.

Facebook has been and will continue to remain the most used social media platform in 2018. Physicians and healthcare industry in general must use it for connecting patients, building credibility and loyalty. If you are interested but unable to meet the demands of time, get a consultant to do it for you.