DIY Practice Marketing

STEP 1- Claim your DR Profile

  • Earn patient referrals.
  • Get a Free HIPAA secure messaging system.
  • Access DR marketplace and get discounts on your practice needs.

STEP 2 – Add your appointment link

  • Link your own appointment software.
  • You can also link to third party appointment software.


STEP 3 – Write a blog

  • Talk about the latest in the industry.
  • Share your experiences and opinions with other physicians.


STEP 4 – Share blog on social media

  • Share your blog on facebook, twitter, and Linkedin.
  • AttendingDR also shares your blog on these social platforms.

STEP 5 – Get patient referrals

  • Connect with other members to get referrals.
  • Goodwill and trust developed by sharing blogs bring more referrrals.