After you have completed your medical school, the most crucial thing that stands in your way of becoming a doctor is your medical residency.

Unless you complete your medical residency, you do not become a doctor and medical residency interviews often pose a challenge on your path to becoming a medical resident.

While there are many articles that tell you what they ask in a medical residency interview, we would like to bring your focus to a few mistakes that most aspirants make, without even knowing about it.

  1. Going unprepared for the interview. It may sound bizarre but this is the topmost mistake aspirant physicians make when appearing for the medical residency interview. Make sure you know your subjects well and your knowledge should not just be limited to a narrow set of interview questions.
  2. Displaying your nervousness. When going for important tasks, all of us have some level of nervousness. While it’s quite difficult to do away with it, you can do your best.
  3. Overconfidence. Human beings are social and they need each otherĀ help. Have confidence in your abilities but do not undermine the value of help you get from other members of the medical team.
  4. Not giving adequate attention to your appearance. When you are dealing with people, you need to be and appear professional, which should reflect from your body language and mannerisms.
  5. Casual dressing. How you dress up makes a crucial part of how people judge you when they don’t know you. A physician needs to look smart and professional.
  6. Lack of compassion. A physicians job is half done by winning over patient’s trust. Displaying compassion is a big trust gainer and helps physicians do their job effectively.
  7. Using cliched words to describe weaknesses. This would mean that you don’t consider your weaknesses to be something that needs your attention or improvement.
  8. Getting distracted by something else during the interview. By doing this you would only show your lack of interest in the subject or the person taking the interview.
  9. Treating residency too easy. The experiences of residency may differ from person to person, but overall the residency comes with its own share of difficulties that result in deep learning experiences. One who takes residency too easy might be understood as someone who is not prepared to take on these learning experiences.