Brain death is synonymous with Death, it has legal, moral, financial, and ethical ramifications, as such has specific performed

This test can only be performed by Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, and the INTENSIFIST.

The criteria for Brain Death are as follows:
1. No Response to Deep pain stimulation (Pinch nails or twist nipples)
2. No response on Apnea Test.( Inc of CO2 to 80mg/dl) without a spontaneous breathing response
3. Brain Stem Reflexes are absent. (Cough, Gag, Corneal Reflexes are absent) Caloric Testing is also a part of this (NO LATERAL GAZE with induction of water into the ears)
4. EEG OR Vascular Studies show no blood flow to the brain.(Preformed 24hrs apart)

These tests must be repeated at least 6hrs later to CONFIRM BRAIN DEATH
Conditions where patients who meet Brain Death Criteria the following conditions must also apply
1) If core temp is below90 C then brain death CAN NOT BE CONFIRMED
2) Electrolyte, endocrine causes must be ruled out
3) Drug toxicity is ruled out by a UTOX
4) An Imaging study of the CNS are negative