Making a career choice is indeed a difficult task for one and all. In times like today where there is an ocean of opportunities present, it is often vital to understand the best profession for oneself. Medical career is sure complicated and requires a dedicated attitude lifelong. However, one can switch over and always make new beginnings. Check this good read for alternative career options for doctors. This list will expose you to ten great options that are trending.

  1. Hospital Administration

    Physicians unable to continue their practice can sure opt for this option. Hospital administration is indeed a sustainable option which ensures good earning too. This option also provides further opportunities like chief operations officer, chief integration officer, chief administration officer, chief strategy, innovation, or transformation officer. One will experience taking vital business and marketing related decisions during this career option.

  2. Physician Advisor

    Experienced practitioners can embark a new journey being a physician advisor. Keeping a check on admissions, this role demands one being a clinical educator. It also means that the advisors will keep a check on quality and safety regulations. Being an advisor also means that one will monitor documentation in the hospital and ensure that proper care is provided to patients.

  3. Starting a Practice Management Consultancy

    This option is best for doctors who wish to become entrepreneurs. A bonus here is that one can pursue this option while practicing the medical career. Consulting means one will be an active problem solver. Coding, claims processing, etc- the key skills learned during the profession can be used as a basis to initiate a consultancy. This way one can build on a skill and be lifelong learners in the same.

  4. Career Coach

    Interacting with small groups, organizing seminars or giving speeches, counselling physicians who want to commence their own business – this option is great for doctors who wish to be lifelong motivators. This is a great way of earning income for doctors who are seeking a change in their professional career. One can also pursue certification programs to get a firm grip on this profession.

  5. Working at a Management Consultancy Firm

    Best for people who like to work in teams and are willing to contribute long hours, this career option is a also a good alternative. It is a good fit for people who enjoy making in depth studies. This profession might be challenging and involve a lot of travel, but ensures good pay. Consulting firms recruit medical graduates and also lookout for mid career professionals.

  6. Financial Planner

    Carefully drafting programs for clients, a financial planner is the one who ensures trust between himself and his client. This alternative is a great match for people having a deep interest in finances, and who can also provide fine consultancy for clients. This profession takes years to be established but can ensure good income after some years.

  7. Retail or Manufacturing

    One can commence his or her own business that might do little or absolutely nothing to do with medical sciences. This alternative is great for people willing to explore out of the box ideas that can help them settle. One can start his or her own cafe or invest in real estate. It requires one to be smart, an efficient problem solver and have a fine business sense.

  8. Freelance Writer

    This means being involved with clinical writing and editing with marketing agencies, medical publications, pharmaceutical companies, CME contractors, etc. If one has a good grip on writing, this is a perfect option. One can pursue short writing courses to commence this alternative career option and can later start his or her own freelance company.

  9. Teaching

    This is one of the most desired choices for physicians. College teaching is a great option though it may have financial drawbacks. Various part time opportunities are available in this area and it is indeed a dream career for many doctors as it is incredibly satisfying.

  10. Starting an Encore Career

    It answers one’s personal calling and may help one to follow their dream. Following personal passion is always the way to go and this alternative is best for people who are seeking a great change from their medical career. The minus could be low income but this option is satisfying indeed. One can become a chef, a musician, a painter, photographer etc, whatever the passion says.

These ten career options can sure make it easier for any doctor to switch his or her medical career. One must be careful and select the best option according to the specific skills and interests, one has. We hope that this is informative and helps you find your path.