Is being a doctor a white collared professional anymore, or are they blue collared workers now? Skilled physicians vital to the well-being of patients are being treated as assets managed by corporates. These days when you walk around the hospitals, and instead of doctors you see people with clipboards, people with undue authority over a doctor’s life and practice, people who are trained in business and management but untrained in the science of medicine or its execution.

Why are so many people, who don’t belong in the examining room looking over the doctor’s shoulder to second-guess them, grade them and subject them to financial incentives based on their grades?

In addition to being problematic and disposable, physicians are now viewed with significant suspicion. The amount of oversight and regulation of the medical profession is staggering. Hospitals are becoming big corporates who are just tracking credentialing, complaints, compliance with regulations and quality of care.

Doctors are even required to punch in at Hospitals for their working hours.

Their lunch hours are being reduced, minimal time for rest.

Hospital administrations are burning out doctors, whom they consider as just employees. They have been deprofessionalized and subjected to grossly unfair and inaccurate criticism in the name of improving medicine.
Hospitals now continuously keep them reminding over and over that you are under scrutiny.

Granted, there will always be a few doctors who need re-direction. But doctors should be doing it, instead of leaving it to those who really don’t understand, instead of things done in the name of corporate compliance or patient satisfaction a restoration of physician authority to make decisions based on evidence and patient values, and an end to the managed-care tactics instead of burning out our doctors.