Telemedicine Software for Physicians

AttendingDR Telemedicine software enables physicians to see their patients remotely using audio, video and chat tools.

Do More in Less Time

No more “no shows” or “late visits”.

Physicians can save over 30% of their time using AttendingDR Telemedicine. 


Save Time

No more waiting for patients, no time wasted in travel. See your patients from anywhere, anytime.

Better Patient Care

Time saved means more time for patients, resulting in better patient care and satisfaction scores.

Increase Revenues

Reduced no-shows and flexibility of time for both doctor and patient result in increased revenues. 

Why ADR Telemedicine?

ADR Telemedicine is a 100% secure, HIPAA compliant solution. Being a completely web based soutoin, you do not have to maintain any additional software or hardware at your end.

ADR Telemedicine can be accessed from anywhere using your secure login credentials (extremely helpful in emergencies).

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Patients

An easy access to the physician is a what every patient wants. ADR Telemedicine grants you and your patients the flexibility of making video calls from the comfort of your home or even while you are travelling. This contributes towards better patient satisfaction scores and eventually a stronger and lasting relationship with your patients. 

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