HIPAA Secure Telemedicine Solution

For Physicians & Medical Practices

ADR Telemedicine Features

  • Complete, end-to-end video and chat communication tool for doctors.
  • HIPAA secure solution with 100% data protection guarantee.
  • Low cost, high-value solution that can be used by individuals as well as groups.
  • Ability to share the screen and transfer files in real time. Physicans can take notes.
  • Comes bundled with ADR HIPAA secure messaging system.

Boost Your Medical Practice

Increased patient satisfaction leads to better profitability. ADR Telemedicine helps you do more in less time.

Patients need convenience and trust. ADR Telemedicine gives your patients a convenient way to connect with you. Easy connectivity leads to better response rates and saves time and inconvenience for the patients and/or their caregivers.

Physicians use ADR Telemedicine to increase patient retention and in turn the profits.

Save Time, Do More!

The time saved by using ADR Telemedicine can be used to see more patients. Also, patients prefer your service as they get it in the comfort of their homes.

Since the patient does not really walk into your practice, it saves the time of your front office staff. They can now spend their time interacting and reminding regular patients for various precautions and follow up visits.

Reduce No Shows, Increase Revenues!

Almost every medical practice struggles with no-shows and cancellations. The primary reason is the patient inconvenience or inability to visit the physician. Using ADR Telemedicine significantly reduces no-shows and cancellations, pushing up the revenues of your medical practice.

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