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About AttendingDr

AttendingDr is a Professional Medical Association comprised of physicians, medical societies, administrators, and executives of healthcare organizations throughout the US.

The association is empowered through a HIPAA-secure communication platform which enables both physicians and administrators to fulfill their daily tasks, manage group or association members, exchange patient referrals through a robust Patient Referral System, access the Career Center with over 6,000 physician jobs, send HIPAA-sensitive information to one another, store important documents in the DR Library, access the On-Call Schedule for on-the-go changes, send critical announcements to proprietary networks, manage their calendars and appointments, schedule webinars and events, and promote member-only benefits. (Update) We are now rolling out a state of the art Patient Portal and Telemedicine Platform. Societies interested in gaining access to the Patient Portal are required to have at least 200 of their members participating.

Currently 30,000 physicians are participating within the AttendingDR network. Becoming a verified physician is easy, just edit your profile with the necessary information about your practice and you’re all set! You can also ask your medical society to participate.

Verified physicians and medical societies gain access to benefits such as heavily discounted HIPAA and Cyber Insurance (exclusive to AttendingDR), malpractice and disability insurance (average discounts of 20% on existing policies due to 300,000 doctors already participating in the program), and over 30 products and services available to order at a click of a button on the Physicians’ Marketplace, directly accessible through the online platform. Current member benefits include HIPAA-Insurance, discounts for malpractice, disability, and other insurance products, access to marketing assistance, and many other benefits. All this in a secure environment that will ensure privacy and security of your information.

Medical Societies, health systems, and large group practices choose AttendingDR to help manage their proprietary networks and member benefits through White Label Solutions that may be customized to fulfill their networks’ needs.

AttendingDR Introductory Video Registration Process for doctors


Sangeet Khanna, MD

Co-Founder AttendingDr.com

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